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Wisconsin man charged with sexual assault of 6-year-old

A preliminary hearing has been set for a 45-year-old Hudson man accused of allegedly sexually assaulting a child. The man faces multiple charges, including first-degree sexual assault of a child and three counts of possession of underage pornography.

The charges stem from an incident with a 6-year-old that allegedly occurred back in April 2011, but only recently came to light after the father began talking to his son about whom the boy should tell if anyone ever touched him inappropriately. According to court documents, after the conversation the boy then reportedly remarked to his father that he had been touched by the man while staying overnight at the man’s house with another young boy who often stayed there.

During a subsequent interview with the man, investigators said that the man allegedly told them that he had touched the boy’s genitals, but that it was an accident and had occurred while he was drying the boy off with a towel after a bath. He also reportedly mentioned that he had been viewing nude images of children on the Internet. During a later search investigators discovered 81 alleged images of children on the man’s laptop.

The man is currently released on a $75,000 bond. Investigators have stated that their investigation remains open with the possibility of other victims located in Wisconsin or Minnesota.

Sex crimes involving young children can have serious consequences for a defendant and can cause damage to reputation in both their personal and professional life. An experienced Wisconsin criminal attorney may be able to help reduce these types of charges and could assist a defendant throughout the legal process.

Source:, “North Hudson festival president charged with sex assault of boy, 6” Andy Rathbun, Feb. 25, 2014

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