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Wisconsin man charged with sexual assault on a child

A 43-year-old Town of Oakland man appeared in the Jefferson County Circuit Court on Monday to face charges of repeated sexual assault of a child and incest. The charges of the alleged sexual assaults were the result of an investigation, after the Jefferson County Human Services Child Protective Services notified the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office about an alleged sexual assault of a child by her father.

According to court documents, the alleged incidents occurred in 2013 and were discovered after the 10-year-old girl confined to her mother that her father had been touching her inappropriately. Although the father initially denied that anything inappropriate had happened, he later allegedly stated to his wife that the girl had what he called an “owie” and that he had tried to make it better by kissing it.

Following the Jan. 15 notification to the Sheriff’s Office, an interview with the girl conducted by a Human Services caseworker and a detective revealed that the sexual contact had happened on more than one occasion and in different areas of the residence, including the girl’s bedroom and the father’s home office. During the interview the girl stated to the caseworker that he mentioned to her several times that the incidents between them needed to remain a secret. The girl said that she began to feel strange about keeping a secret from her mother, however, and eventually confided in her.

The father is currently out of jail on a $10,000 signature bond. As part of his release, the judge has ordered that he is to have no contact with any of his children, nor any unsupervised contact with minors. As part of his release, he must also remain completely sober.

A sexual assault on a child is a serious matter and can result in stiff sentences that could result in as much as of 100 years of jail time. An experienced Wisconsin attorney may be able to assist a defendant with this difficult legal process.

Source: Daily Union, “Area man charged in sex assault” Ryan Whisner, Jan. 28, 2014

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