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Posts tagged "Violent Crimes"

Man accused of multiple violent crimes re alleged robberies

A 27-year-old man is reportedly facing a lifetime prison sentence in relation to an armed robbery that is said to have taken place recently in Wisconsin. Those accused of violent crimes face severe penalties that can be life-altering if a conviction is obtained. Seeking assistance in the early stages could be crucial when facing similar charges, and he is likely focusing on his defense in preparation for legal proceedings.

Woman arrested for violent crimes re alleged fight in Wisconsin

Domestic disputes can range anywhere from a verbal spat to a physical altercation. However, sometimes these incidents can grow out of control, potentially leading to more serious allegations, perhaps especially if injuries are involved. A 29-year-old woman was recently arrested and accused of violent crimes after a fight allegedly broke out in Wisconsin.

Routine open air search leads to accusations of drug crimes

K-9 units are often instrumental in the search and seizure of illegal drugs. These units perform open air searches in a variety of circumstances, including certain traffic stops and public places suspected of drug activity. A Wisconsin man has been accused of drug crimes following a recent search that reportedly took place under similar circumstances.

2 accused of violent crimes following alleged armed robbery

Two Wisconsin men are facing charges for armed robbery after an alleged incident that is said to have led to the death of another individual. One of the accused also faces felony murder charges after authorities claim to have found evidence that ties him to the scene. Violent crimes of this nature carry severe penalties, and if convicted, both could be facing numerous consequences, including time behind bars.

Felony murder charge without committing violent crimes?

When Wisconsin residents face criminal charges, the possible penalties may be severe. If someone died during the commission of the alleged offense, an additional charge of felony murder may be filed. It is not necessary to be charged with violent crimes in order for prosecutors to add this charge.

Former police officer charged with homicide in Wisconsin

A great deal can happen in the span of a couple of seconds. For law enforcement agents in pursuit of a suspect, the actions and decisions made in this short amount of time could mean the difference between life and death. A former police officer in Wisconsin has been accused of violent crimes and is now facing homicide charges after an incident involving the death of a man who was in possession of a gun and attempting to evade arrest.

3 Wisconsin residents charged with violent crimes

Three Waukesha locals have been arrested after allegedly ambushing a man in a home that he shared with one of the three people accused of committing the attack. Violent crimes charges have been filed against three alleged attackers, two men and one woman, for felony armed robbery and substantial battery. One of the Wisconsin men is claimed to have placed the victim in a choke hold, resulting in felony charges being filed against him for strangulation or suffocation.

Milwaukee man charged with violent crimes after claims of attack

A Jan. 5 attack upon a Wisconsin store clerk resulted in the man's death from repeated blows to the head with a baseball bat. Murder charges have been filed against the accused attacker, a 32-year-old Milwaukee man. Purported to have an outstanding warrant for other violent crimes at the time of the incident, he was arrested on Jan. 18 with bail set at $200,500. 

Facing an uncertain future when charged with violent crimes

Being accused of murder, aggravated theft or assault in Wisconsin is obviously a serious matter. Those charged with violent crimes typically have a lot at stake. If they are unable to avoid conviction, they may stand to lose their freedom, as well as be made to pay substantial fines as restitution for their actions. Anyone who goes to prison may experience a chain reaction of unfortunate events that might include family problems, inability to earn an income and even the loss of one's home or other assets due to not being able to pay debts.

Man sentenced after admitting to violent crimes in Wisconsin

When a person is accused of a crime, there is no immediate way of knowing whether that person will be convicted in court. In fact, there are many situations where judges decide to dismiss all charges, or --even if convictions are handed down -- people are often able to enlist support from experienced attorneys to obtain lighter sentences. In some cases, such as a recent one involving a 24-year-old man in Wisconsin, defendants plead guilty to violent crimes, and prepare themselves for the consequences.

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