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Wisconsin man accused of drug crimes after alleged chase on foot

Attempting to run from authorities may be a poor choice that could typically be made in the spur of the moment. Similar actions might only further suspicion of wrong-doing, and may also lead to additional charges against an accused individual. A Wisconsin man has been accused of numerous drug crimes after a recent police chase, during which he allegedly attempted to discard illegal narcotics.

According to police, the man was initially spotted walking near a park while exhibiting suspicious behavior. After seeing authorities nearby, he allegedly began to flee on foot before any attempt was made to approach him. They were eventually able to catch up to and subdue him, and claim that he attempted to fake his identity. He was taken into custody shortly thereafter.

Man accused of multiple violent crimes re alleged robberies

A 27-year-old man is reportedly facing a lifetime prison sentence in relation to an armed robbery that is said to have taken place recently in Wisconsin. Those accused of violent crimes face severe penalties that can be life-altering if a conviction is obtained. Seeking assistance in the early stages could be crucial when facing similar charges, and he is likely focusing on his defense in preparation for legal proceedings.

The man has been accused of breaking into the home of a military veteran and, after a struggle broke out, allegedly stabbing the man. Authorities claim they have connected him to two other robberies, where he ran away after stealing electronics from one house, and a purse from another individual. He has recently been taken into custody, and faces multiple charges, including armed robbery and reckless injury with a weapon.

Woman arrested for violent crimes re alleged fight in Wisconsin

Domestic disputes can range anywhere from a verbal spat to a physical altercation. However, sometimes these incidents can grow out of control, potentially leading to more serious allegations, perhaps especially if injuries are involved. A 29-year-old woman was recently arrested and accused of violent crimes after a fight allegedly broke out in Wisconsin.

The incident is said to have taken place around 3:30 p.m. on a recent Sunday. According to authorities, two women became involved in an argument over a man, which eventually became physical. The accused individual allegedly hit the other in the face repeatedly, allegedly causing her to suffer serious injuries that would require medical attention.

White collar crimes: Wisconsin woman accused of identity theft

A woman in Wisconsin has recently been arrested and is facing criminal charges after allegedly using another's identity to rack up an $8,000 hotel bill. White collar crimes such as identity theft are serious offenses that carry severe penalties if a conviction is obtained. Those who face similar accusations may feel somewhat intimidated and/or overwhelmed by the process, potentially spurring a need for assistance.

According to reports, a woman claims that she met the accused individual through a mutual acquaintance. Believing the other woman was also a cancer survivor, she asserts the two became friendly shortly after meeting. After a short period, she claims the woman began to express concerns about trouble at home, eventually leading to a request for help in obtaining a room at the hotel.

Authorities would do best to seek true sex crimes prosecutions

The trend in Wisconsin regarding prostitution arrests is to arrest more of the male customers and the pimps who organize prostitution activities and derive great profit from it. Criminologists and other experts say that arresting just the women has a negligible impact on the sex crimes trade and that arresting men also will have a much greater preventive impact. However, since prostitution is somewhat popularly viewed as a victimless crime, the more relevant question to ask may be why any person should have to suffer criminal punishment for a consensual behavior that involves the payment of money for personal services.

However, sex trafficking and other heinous criminal abuses involving sexual violence and abuse are not victimless crimes. Nonetheless, in Wisconsin some authorities seem to be focused on arresting the adult participants in the consensual activity of trading sex for money. The intrinsic "badness" of prostitution is countered by the fact that at least one state has legalized and regulates such consensual activities.

Routine open air search leads to accusations of drug crimes

K-9 units are often instrumental in the search and seizure of illegal drugs. These units perform open air searches in a variety of circumstances, including certain traffic stops and public places suspected of drug activity. A Wisconsin man has been accused of drug crimes following a recent search that reportedly took place under similar circumstances.

Authorities claim the K-9 unit was performing a routine search on the premises of a local hotel. During the process, the unit allegedly indicated that drugs were present in one of the nearby rooms. Upon questioning the occupant, they claim he consented to a search and relinquished a bottle containing marijuana, while another container with similar contents was allegedly located shortly thereafter, along with a pipe and grinder.

1 accused of domestic violence after alleged shotgun threats

Countless individuals have face criminal charges following a domestic dispute. Although in many cases these may simply involve a battle of words, such disputes can quickly become dangerous if weapons are present. A Wisconsin man is currently facing domestic violence charges after allegedly pulling out a shotgun and threatening others at a nearby home.

According to reports, authorities claim to have received a report on a recent Thursday of a domestic dispute at a nearby residence. Upon arriving at the scene, they say that a man was crossing the street with a shotgun in hand while making threats. Police assert that once he became aware of their presence, he retreated back to his home, allowing them to safely evacuate others nearby.

1 accused of felony drug crimes after raid in Wisconsin

A man is reportedly facing numerous drug-related charges after the recent search of a residence in Wisconsin. Countless individuals have been accused of drug crimes under similar circumstances over the years. When facing a similar situation, an accused individual may often choose to prepare for subsequent legal proceedings by focusing on his or her defense with guidance from an attorney.

According to reports, authorities initiated a search at the residence on a recent Thursday morning. During this period, they claim to have uncovered the presence of various types and amounts of drugs, including marijuana and hallucinogenic mushrooms, along with a large sum of cash. An 18-year-old man was arrested shortly thereafter and is facing felony drug charges in relation to the alleged incident.

2 accused of violent crimes following alleged armed robbery

Two Wisconsin men are facing charges for armed robbery after an alleged incident that is said to have led to the death of another individual. One of the accused also faces felony murder charges after authorities claim to have found evidence that ties him to the scene. Violent crimes of this nature carry severe penalties, and if convicted, both could be facing numerous consequences, including time behind bars.

According to reports, four men were working on remodeling a local restaurant when the two men allegedly entered the building from a rear door. At some point during or after the alleged robbery, one of the men passed away for unspecified reasons. Authorities assert the incident may have scared the man to the point of death. During the investigation, police also claim to have found DNA evidence at the scene, which led to the arrest of one of the individuals.

Traffic stop leads to further accusations of alleged drug crimes

When someone is accused of a crime, it may seem easier to point a finger in a different direction. Those facing similar circumstances may even believe that offering up the names of those allegedly higher up the chain may improve their own situation. Four individuals in Wisconsin have been arrested for numerous drug crimes after a recent traffic stop allegedly unearthed inside information of a local methamphetamine operation.

The incident reportedly began with a recent traffic stop regarding a person who wasn't wearing a seat belt. Police claim the driver was exhibiting nervous behavior, and officers subsequently enlisted a nearby K-9 unit to perform an open air search of the vehicle. The unit indicated that there were drugs inside, and after allegedly uncovering the presence of methamphetamine, police claim to have obtained information about a local meth lab from the individuals within the vehicle, both of which were placed under arrest shortly after.

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