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Violating workplace computer policy can lead to criminal charges

If you work in an office environment in the Milwaukee area, chances are your employer has policies on what you can and cannot do on the computer. Many people tend to ignore or forget those stipulations once they have been on the job for a while. The internet offers most individuals a sense of privacy and anonymity. This may lead you to believe you can post and do anything you want online. However, if you fall prey to that sense of security, you could end up facing criminal charges for a computer crime

The number of computer crimes committed each day is growing. Do not ignore the consequences they carry and how they can affect your life. Take some time to consider the following information on computer and cybercrimes

White collar crimes: 1 accused of business theft in Wisconsin

When one company provides another with a product to sell, they generally expect to see a return within a reasonable amount of time. Failure to pay for products is a serious offense and can lead an individual to face allegations of theft. White collar crimes of this nature have major consequences, which become more severe the higher the amount allegedly stolen. A Wisconsin man is facing similar charges after allegedly failing to pay potato growers for over $700,000 worth of product.

Authorities say the man was the owner and operator of a potato brokerage for up to eight years. Throughout this period, they say he approached numerous farmers and struck up multiple deals to sell their products, but he allegedly refused to pay them after the transactions were made. They assert that a former employee of the man says that he would tell them that a check was on its way and would refuse to return their calls after they failed to receive it.

3 accused of multiple drug crimes following apartment fire

Upon receiving reports of a fire, emergency responders are generally swift in response to extinguish the threat. While at the scene, they may initiate an investigation into the cause of the fire, which can lead to a search of the premises. If suspicious activity is found in the process, those who reside within might find themselves facing criminal charges. Three individuals have been arrested and accused of drug crimes after a fire broke out in an apartment building in Wisconsin.

Authorities say that reports of the fire came in around 1 p.m. on a recent Monday. Upon arriving at the scene, they reportedly found the upstairs portion of the building to be engulfed in flames. They also claim that, while investigating the matter, an individual within the building allegedly admitted responsibility by claiming that he mishandled chemicals that are commonly used in the production of methamphetamine.

Violent crimes: 2 facing attempted armed robbery charges

Being accused of a crime such as armed robbery can be an intimidating process. A conviction for violent crimes of this nature carries serious penalties that can have a significant impact on the future of an accused individual. Two men are facing similar charges after allegedly attempting to rob an individual at gunpoint in Wisconsin.

The man claims the incident took place around midnight as he was walking home from work. He says that two individuals approached him with pellet guns and took his backpack. After allegedly searching through the bag, he asserts that they handed it back to him without taking anything and fled the scene. According to reports, two men have been arrested in connection with the alleged incident, both of whom face charges for attempted armed robbery.

2 accused of drug crimes following search of parked vehicle

If law enforcement agents deem an action as suspicious, they may choose to investigate the situation further. Should this lead to the search of a vehicle, this could lead to criminal allegations if they claim to discover the presence of illegal narcotics. A man and woman in Wisconsin have recently been taken into custody and accused of multiple drug crimes after police came upon a vehicle parked behind a storage unit.

According to reports, an officer came upon the vehicle in question just after 3 p.m., as it was parked behind a local storage unit. Upon approaching the vehicle, he claims that a man and woman were nearby, and the woman was allegedly attempting to dress herself. While questioning both individuals, he allegedly noticed an object within the vehicle that appeared to be drug paraphernalia.

White collar crimes: Former deputy accused of felony theft

Many individuals use company credit cards on a daily basis. These cards may be issued and approved for a variety of purposes, and abusing one's privileges in this area might be frowned upon or, in more serious situations, could even lead to criminal charges. A former deputy in Wisconsin has recently been accused of felony theft under similar circumstances, and the penalties for white collar crimes of this nature are severe if a conviction is obtained.

According to authorities, a recent change in procedure involved the requirement of receipts for purchases. This reportedly led to the alleged uncovering of numerous unauthorized uses of a credit card issued to members of a local police department. An investigation into the matter led them to believe that a former deputy was responsible for over $8,000 of purchases that he allegedly made after resigning from his position.

Unpaid parking ticket leads to allegations of drug crimes

Many individuals have faced allegations of criminal activity following the search of a vehicle during a routine traffic stop. Should authorities become suspicious of the presence of illegal drugs within the vehicle, an open air search via a K-9 unit may follow. Two individuals have recently been arrested and accused of drug crimes under similar circumstances after allegedly operating a vehicle with a suspended registration in Wisconsin.

The traffic stop was initiated late on a recent Friday night after authorities claim they come upon a vehicle with a suspended registration due to an unpaid parking ticket. Upon approaching the vehicle, they assert that neither the driver nor passenger had any form of identification on them at the time, and the vehicle was reportedly uninsured. A K-9 unit then proceeded to perform a search of the vehicle, which allegedly uncovered the presence of narcotics.

Violent crimes: Woman accused of involvement in homicide

Individuals who are accused of involvement in a homicide could be somewhat overwhelmed and intimidated by the process, and perhaps uncertain how to proceed. The penalties for violent crimes of this nature are severe if a conviction is obtained, and those who face similar charges may find it beneficial to focus on forming a strong defense. A Wisconsin woman who was previously dismissed from a homicide case is once again facing serious consequences after prosecutors refiled charges against her.

The woman was initially charged with being party to first-degree homicide and reckless injury in relation to her alleged involvement in a recent fatal shooting. According to reports, she was the driver of a car that transported several individuals to a nearby apartment complex where the shooting occurred. She was eventually cleared of both charges following a preliminary hearing in which a judge concluded that there was insufficient evidence to indicate she was aware that the incident would take place.

Overdose leads to accusations of drug crimes for 3 in Wisconsin

Emergency responders are called out to homes to address medical issues on a daily basis. These responders may come prepared to treat a variety of conditions, and should the situation require medication for an overdose, authorities may have become suspicious of drug-related activity within the residence. A recent medical emergency in Wisconsin has led to the arrest of three individuals who currently stand accused of drug crimes.

A call was placed to responders in relation to a medical emergency at the residence. Upon arrival, they claim the man was incoherent, and allegedly had numerous needle marks on his arm. He was treated with medication for an overdoes and taken to the hospital for treatment, and authorities proceeded to obtain a search warrant for the residence in question.

2 Wisconsin men arrested and accused of violent crimes

Two men have recently been arrested on suspicion of their involvement in an armed robbery that allegedly took place in a parking lot in Wisconsin. The penalties for violent crimes such as armed robbery are severe if a conviction is obtained. Those accuse of similar crimes may wish to protect their future by focusing on their defense with the guidance of an experienced attorney.

According to authorities, the incident took place in the parking lot of a restaurant on a recent Monday. Two individuals notified authorities that two men had held them at gunpoint before stealing a purse and fleeing the scene. Authorities claim the victims were able to provide a description of the men, along with their vehicle and a partial license plate number, which led them to locate and arrest two men shortly thereafter.

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