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Are You Facing Embezzlement Charges?

In the wake of large corporate scandals, courts are very strict on punishment for embezzlement charges. If you have been accused of stealing from your company or your employer, you should not hesitate to consult with an experienced attorney at Kohn & Smith in Milwaukee. Our team of criminal defense lawyers has more than 35 years of combined experience that we will utilize to build a solid case against your embezzlement charges.

We understand what it takes to fight accusations of theft. Contact our embezzlement defense attorneys at our Wisconsin law firm today. Initial consultations are free of charge.

A Proven White Collar Theft Lawyer Serving The Accused In Wisconsin

Many times, employers will attempt to coerce employees into signing confessions or otherwise admitting their guilt. Do not speak to anyone prior to discussing your case with an attorney at our law firm. The sooner you involve us, the sooner we can begin to protect your rights and possibly get your white collar case dismissed prior to trial.

Minimizing The Criminal Consequences You Face

Embezzlement can carry hefty penalties, from jail and prison time to large monetary fines and restitution. Our team of embezzlement defense attorneys is skilled at fighting to have charges dismissed or negotiating deals prior to being charged. By communicating with your employer, it is sometimes possible to resolve matters without having to go to court.

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Call Kohn & Smith at 414-273-0203as soon as possible in order to begin protecting your rights today. You may also contact an experienced embezzlement defense attorney online. We are available 24/7 for your convenience.