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Making Your Case A Priority During Corporate Investigations

If your employer is under investigation for fraud or another unlawful activity, it is critical that you retain outside counsel to protect your interests. Attorneys hired by your company to defend against charges will zealously advocate for their paying clients, putting your employer’s needs above yours.

When you work with our lawyers at Kohn & Smith, you can rely on our attorneys to make your case a priority. We have the depth of experience that you need to successfully challenge allegations or charges of financial wrongdoing. Our lawyers regularly handle white collar criminal matters, and are qualified to conduct internal investigations and defend against charges in Wisconsin courts.

Moving Swiftly To Defend You Against Charges

Prosecutors will not hesitate to pursue heavy fines and penalties if they believe a white collar crime has been committed. Whether you have been formally charged or you suspect you are the target of an investigation, you need to take swift legal action to address this situation.

Our lawyers take a proactive approach when defending clients because we know what is at stake. As your legal representation, we will handle all communication between prosecutors and law enforcement. We will respond to any complaints or reports on your behalf to ensure that you do not incriminate yourself. We are qualified to conduct independent workplace investigations, which helps us determine the facts of your case before presenting your side in court.

Armed with this insight, we customize a sound defensive strategy that gets results. Over the course of our legal careers, we have developed strong relationships with area prosecutors, which we leverage to secure plea deals and dismissals. You can depend on us to explore all options when we represent you.

When a criminal allegation or charge puts your professional reputation at risk, you need a skilled ally by your side. Partner with our highly qualified attorneys today.

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