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White collar crimes involve a variety of offenses, nearly all of which include theft and carry significant criminal penalties upon conviction. These include offenses such as fraud, embezzlement, extortion, computer crimes and conspiracy to commit these crimes. These criminal investigations are often lengthy and complex, taking into account detailed financial records in order to build a defense.

At the Milwaukee law firm of Kohn & Smith, we have significant experience investigating and defending cases of white collar crimes, including fraud and theft, throughout Wisconsin. When we are hired prior to charges being filed, there may be actions we can take that can reduce or even eliminate those criminal allegations. Even when that is not possible, it is always important to contact a Wisconsin white collar crime lawyer right away to begin your defense and to ensure that every option is available.

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Our firm has handled a wide range of white collar crime defense cases in Wisconsin, including:

Learn more about your rights and what options you have in defense. We are seasoned trial lawyers who have won inside the courtroom and have built a strong reputation based upon results.

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