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Sex Offender Registration in Wisconsin — What You Need To Know

Being required to register as a sex offender takes away many freedoms and rights that an individual has. If you are placed on the sex offender registry, you lose many of your privacy rights, future employment opportunities, respect in the community and other rights as well. At Kohn & Smith, in Milwaukee, we fight for those charged with sex crimes and strive to see that you are kept off the sex offender list.

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Milwaukee Sex Crime Defense Lawyers

At our Wisconsin criminal defense law firm, we fight to see that you are not convicted of being a sexual predator. Under Megan’s Law, the United States has a nationwide sex offender list that is available to the public. Those convicted of sex crimes are required to report their address on an annual basis in order to be added into the system.

Neighborhoods are very diligent about searching these databases and making sex offender whereabouts known in the community. This is just one way in which your rights and privacy become extremely limited. You can rely on us to explain your options to you and protect you in and out of the courtroom.

Not all sex crimes carry the punishment of sex offender registration. It is imperative to speak with a lawyer regarding your rights as soon as possible so you can begin building your defense immediately. A knowledgeable attorney will know if you are facing registration and how to best counter the prosecution.

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