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Are You Facing Online Solicitation Charges?

The online solicitation of a minor is a significant crime that is vigorously prosecuted by law enforcement. These charges are pursued very seriously. Online solicitation that takes place in chat rooms and elsewhere on the internet can bring about offenses with criminal penalties that include lengthy imprisonment and lifetime required registration on the sex offender registry.

At the Milwaukee law firm of Kohn & Smith, our criminal defense attorneys have experience handling a wide range of sex crimes cases that include the online solicitation of a minor. We provide individuals who are facing online solicitation and other sex crimes charges with a free initial consultation. We know that weak evidence and false allegations can often lead to arrests and that everyone deserves a strong criminal defense and a dedicated protection of their rights.

Defense For Charges Of Online Solicitation Of A Minor In Wisconsin

Many lawyers claim to handle difficult sex crime cases, including the use of computer to facilitate a child sex crime. We have defended clients accused of these crimes and have been successful in these challenging cases. We understand how to build a strong defense for our clients in matters related to online solicitation of a minor offenses in Wisconsin.

We work with computer experts who can evaluate evidence presented by the prosecution. Our firm will question how this evidence was collected, whether that evidence shows what is alleged by these criminal charges and whether they can prove the identification of the user in question. Knowledge and intent are also issues that we analyze.

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