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You Must Take Any Stalking Charge Seriously… And So Will We

Wisconsin laws against stalking are broad and complex, covering many activities that may seem reasonable or harmless to the person accused. If you are charged with stalking — whatever the exact circumstances — you are facing a felony conviction. Separate laws are in place to cover cyberstalking and cyberharassment in various forms, and many people accused of these serious misdemeanors face multiple charges.

Work Closely With An Attorney Who Will Find The Best Defense Strategy

At Kohn & Smith in Milwaukee, our dedicated criminal defense lawyers have more than three decades of collective experience. We know that stalking charges can be successfully challenged and overcome. When you turn to our firm, an accomplished trial attorney will listen to your story, investigate as needed, prioritize your case and help you make sound decisions about your defense.

Essentially, a stalking charge in Wisconsin must allege the accused person knew, or should have known, his or her intentional actions could cause fear of bodily injury or death. Certain aspects of the crime make it more serious and raise the stakes substantially, such as when the alleged victim is under 18, a weapon is involved or this is viewed as a repeat offense against the same person within seven years.

Our knowledge and capabilities cover the full spectrum of internet crimes, domestic violence allegations, violent crimes and sexual offenses. We are adept at gathering all relevant evidence and identifying viable defense strategies such as:

  • Demonstrating that there was no intent to cause fear or harm — or that the acts in question did not actually induce fear or harm
  • Proving that mutually voluntary contact occurred between the alleged victim and accused stalker during the time in question
  • Exposing ulterior motives on the part of the accuser, such as jealousy or the desire for revenge

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We want to know what really happened and why. Once we do, we will find the best way to protect your freedom, your criminal record, and your employability and overall future. Our reputation in Wisconsin courts for representation with drive and integrity will be a crucial asset for you. Please contact us anytime to request your free consultation.