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Domestic violence: Alleged threats lead to man's arrest

While in many cases, a domestic dispute may involve little more than a shouting match, there is always the possibility the situation could turn dangerous and evolve into threats of harmful intent. Domestic violence is a significant concern across the country, and the results of such a dispute can be harmful to everyone involved. A 34-year-old man has recently been taken into custody after allegedly threatening the safety of his significant other and their children in Wisconsin.

1 accused of domestic violence after alleged shotgun threats

Countless individuals have face criminal charges following a domestic dispute. Although in many cases these may simply involve a battle of words, such disputes can quickly become dangerous if weapons are present. A Wisconsin man is currently facing domestic violence charges after allegedly pulling out a shotgun and threatening others at a nearby home.

Man faces domestic violence charges following alleged assault

While many domestic disputes may not involve much more than a verbal spat, in some cases, the situation can grow way out of hand and become physical. Domestic violence is a major issue in many areas, and can have devastating consequences for everyone involved. A Wisconsin man is currently facing multiple charges after an alleged altercation with his significant other.

Alleged domestic violence leads to multiple charges for man

Acts of violence are far too common in Wisconsin as well as various areas across the country. The penalties for similar crimes are severe, often lead to restraining orders and, in some cases, time behind bars. However, allegations of domestic violence may often be exaggerated, stemming from an argument that has grown out of control. A man is facing multiple charges after an alleged altercation at a local apartment complex.

Domestic violence leads to attempted murder charges being filed

The seriousness of domestic violence cannot be understated. It can happen anywhere and at anytime, regardless of age, socioeconomic status or race, and those that it affects can have their lives changed forever. A recent incident that took place in Wisconsin concerns a woman who has suffered injuries resulting from alleged domestic violence. Her husband has been charged with attempted murder.  

Domestic violence situations not always what they seem

Situations often arise within Wisconsin families and others that result in accusations against one or more persons. Sudden outbursts or arguments may escalate into allegations being asserted against someone that are later proved false. There have also been many times that troubles seem to evolve over a period of time, ultimately leading to  formal charges of domestic violence being filed against a family member.

Where to seek guidance for domestic violence issues in Wisconsin

Being accused of intentional acts of physical harm against a spouse or another adult with whom one is in a relationship may produce immediate and long-term negative consequences, even in the absence of a conviction. For this and many other reasons, it is advisable that anyone accused of domestic violence in Wisconsin seek clarification of the laws and regulations that govern such matters in this state before proceeding to court. Because Wisconsin law does not prohibit acts defined under that specific term, such situations can be complicated and difficult to understand without the benefit of a criminal law background.

Suspect accused of domestic violence in Wisconsin

Being accused of a domestic-related crime in Wisconsin often places a person's private and professional reputation at risk. It can be very embarrassing to be singled out in a domestic violence situation. Still, merely being accused does not constitute one's guilt, and any person thus charged is able to fight against the allegations by retaining the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

What is the domestic abuse surcharge?

A person accused of a crime can face serious financial consequences if they receive a conviction on their charges. Additionally, there are certain things that can make a criminal conviction cause additional financial losses beyond the usual. One is if the criminal activity was found to have involved domestic abuse. 

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