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Alleged violent crimes lead to plea of insanity in Wisconsin

A supposed belief that a virtual character was, in fact, real, seems to have been a significant factor in an incident that allegedly occurred in Wisconsin. Violent crimes are said to have been perpetrated in a section of woodland by two girls who were apparently classmates of their supposed victim. One of the accused is apparently planning to enter a not guilty plea by reason of insanity.

The events unfolded in May 2014 after a virtual game known as “Slender Man” reportedly became an obsession of the two girls. The girls are both currently minors but will be tried as adults due to the violent nature of the crimes they are accused of committing. Charges against them assert their premeditated intentions to murder their classmate.

The classmate is said to have suffered at least 19 knife wounds to her torso, arms and legs. She was reportedly found crawling through the forest by a bicyclist in the area. Supposedly, the two girls stabbed their fellow classmate as part of a ritual in the “Slender Man” game that would earn them higher rankings as the main character’s proxies. It has also been stated that they believed the character’s mansion actually existed somewhere in the woods where they allegedly led their classmate before she was stabbed.

The injured girl recovered and has reportedly returned to her school activities. The defendant who plans to enter a plea of not guilty by insanity is scheduled to be evaluated by court-appointed physicians. Being accused of violent crimes in Wisconsin is no small matter. Facing such circumstances as a minor would obviously create serious complications that may be best addressed through appropriate criminal defense guidance.

Source:, “Wisconsin girl pleads insanity during the ‘Slender Man’ murder case“, John Witiw, Aug. 20, 2016

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