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Defense Against Drug Distribution Charges

Knowing your rights is critical when you are charged with drug trafficking or drug distribution in Wisconsin. Many individuals believe that by answering the police officer’s questions, they will make things better for themselves. Do NOT speak with the police regarding your drug charges until you have first consulted with an experienced Wisconsin drug crime defense attorney. Anything you say to law enforcement could greatly damage your case.

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Wisconsin Drug Trafficking Arrest Attorneys — Protecting Your Rights

When it comes to drug trafficking and distribution charges, how you were arrested matters. We will begin to build your case around your unique situation in order to provide you with the best results we can. We will investigate your charges to uncover informants and other witnesses to further protect your rights. If you were involved in a sting operation, we will also analyze the police procedures and if your constitutional rights were violated.

When large amounts of drugs are involved, federal and state drug distribution charges could be a very serious risk. You need a team in your corner that has handled these types of situations before and knows exactly what route to take.

Fighting Charges For All Types of Drugs

With more than 35 years of combined criminal defense experience, our attorneys are fully prepared to deliver strong advocacy to you regardless of the drugs that you were accused of distributing, including:

Proven Success In Milwaukee Drug Trafficking Defense Cases

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