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3 things to know about credit card fraud charges

While one's reputation is on the line with any type of criminal charge, a certain social stigma also comes with facing credit card fraud charges. Even for the person who is simply just charged -- and not convicted -- some may be quick to jump to judgment. This makes it even more important to set the story straight.

Wisconsin police detain 10 in suspected check fraud ring

In Wisconsin, unauthorized use of a person's identifying information or documents is a Class H felony. Identity theft is the act of stealing another's property for personal gain. A conviction for this white collar crime can have serious consequences for defendants.

Medicaid fraud investigations against providers

Individuals and companies can face criminal prosecution for overbilling insurance companies and government medical programs for patient services. The federal government certifies Medicaid Fraud Control Units in Wisconsin and nearly all other states investigate fraud in federally-funded health care programs.

What is a Ponzi scheme?

The Ponzi scheme is a type of con or scam that was reportedly first performed by a man named Charles Ponzi in New England back during the 1920s. Ponzi began his scheme by initially purchasing a small amount of international mail coupons that he would use show to investors as part of his pitch to convince people to invest. Ponzi reportedly would tell investors that he could give them a 50 percent return on their investment in as little as 90 days.

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