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Minor suspicions lead to drug charges for Milwaukee men

Milwaukee residents and readers of this blog may not realize that even if you aren't a high-level drug dealer, you can find yourself in deep trouble with the law. People who engage in relatively minor illegal drug use can find themselves charged with a drug crime that carries harsh penalties.

2 arrested, accused of buying heroin in Milwaukee

Although many have proclaimed the war on drugs in the United States a lost one, that doesn't mean that law enforcement is about to give up the battle. Yes, a handful of states have decriminalized marijuana, at least when it comes to use of the drug for medicinal purposes. But Wisconsin isn't one of them, and the laws against it and other drugs are still very stringent.

Two Wisconsin festival-goers arrested for possessing drugs

Two Wisconsin residents were arrested for possession with the intent to deliver drugs. They had been on their way to a festival with several others when their motor home was pulled over. Police reported that they could smell marijuana and brought in a police dog. As a result of the search, the officers found marijuana in the vehicle.

Federal drug charges could result in 10-year prison sentence

Criminal convictions can come with very serious penalties; drug charge convictions are no different. Recently, a Wisconsin Rapids man pled guilty to federal drug charges of crack cocaine possession and distribution.

Wisconsin man receives prison sentence for internet crime

A police raid on a Madison, Wisconsin man's home in 2003 produced evidence that he had been jamming police radios. Authorities seized the man's computer during the raid and discovered deeply encrypted files that took police years to decode. The files were eventually cracked and found to contain underage pornography.

Drug charge could jeopardize future of Packers' defensive lineman

Johnny Jolly, known as the defensive lineman for the Green Bay Packers, is facing another legal woe after being arrested for a drug crime last Friday. According to the article, Jolly had been in Houston and was pulled over for a routine traffic stop.

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