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Wisconsin laws and the consequences of cyberbullying

Computer technology and electronic devices offer Milwaukee residents the opportunity to communicate any time from almost any place. Online expression and criticism have legal limitations when someone else is harmed by the words, images or videos sent through texts, emails and posts. In Wisconsin, an individual who sends threatening electronic messages can be charged with an internet crime.

What can I expect when facing vehicular homicide charges?

An accident that in some way leads to a death is one of the most serious charges a person could face. This is a federal crime and is often referred to as vehicular homicide, OWI homicide or homicide by intoxicated use of a vehicle.

Soft insurance fraud -- a crime more serious than many believe

Whether you call it soft fraud, a little white lie or a tiny cheat, engaging in even the mildest form of insurance fraud is a very serious matter. In fact, the FBI has devoted an entire page to the problem, complete with examples of common schemes and links to additional resources. The FBI page also reveals the cost of insurance fraud to citizens of the United States.

A look at the possible penalties of insider trading

For many Wisconsin residents, insider trading is a source of confusion. This can be particularly so for those who are new to working the markets or even engaging in simple day trading. Not long ago, a post appearing in the blog for Kohn, Smith and Roth explained many of the details associated with insider trading. However, the post did not delve into the possible penalties one could incur if convicted. As a continuation of the original post, some of the most common of these penalties are discussed in the following sections.

Fighting Wisconsin domestic violence charges

America is well-known for its passionate personal relationships. Most citizens of Milwaukee and the rest of the nation would not want to trade away this passion for anything, but sometimes our emotional involvement can get the best of us. This can happen in a number of ways as listed below.

White collar crime: Elements associated with racketeering

When people hear about racketeering, they typically picture mob bosses as portrayed in television programs like "The Sopranos." Historically, mob activity has played a huge role in American racketeering but this crime in today's modern environment can also ensnare ordinary people and businesses. Being charged with racketeering or involved in a federal RICO case is serious, and the penalties can affect the rest of your life.

When is drunk driving a felony in Wisconsin?

Drunk driving awareness is climbing all across the nation, and Wisconsin is no exception. In response to what lawmakers believe to be a growing threat to public safety, the laws pertaining to drunk driving have become more and more severe. This means that in certain cases, drunk driving can be charged as a felony or a federal crime and in turn, the punishment associated with such charges is also more severe.

Facing down embezzlement charges in Wisconsin

White collar crime encompasses many different illegal activities such as health care fraud, computer crimes, identity theft and more. Embezzlement, a serious offense in the eyes of the law, is another crime largely relegated to the white collar workforce.

A fraud conviction in Wisconsin can change your life

Fraud: For many, it just doesn't feel like that big a deal, but depending upon the circumstances, fraud charges can bring life-changing consequences to those convicted. There are many different kinds of fraud from simple employee theft to severe wire fraud and all of the United States takes such allegations seriously. In fact, it is a federal offense to commit fraud in many cases and could mean the loss of freedom, money and reputation.

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