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Man faces life in prison for drug charges, flight

U.S. law treats drug distribution charges very seriously, and suspects who face multiple charges can easily find themselves sentenced to extremely long prison terms. This is the situation that a Wisconsin man finds himself in this month after being arrested and charged with cocaine distribution. If convicted, the 28-year-old man may spend the rest of his life in prison.

Minor suspicions lead to drug charges for Milwaukee men

Milwaukee residents and readers of this blog may not realize that even if you aren't a high-level drug dealer, you can find yourself in deep trouble with the law. People who engage in relatively minor illegal drug use can find themselves charged with a drug crime that carries harsh penalties.

Two arrested on drug crime charges in suburban Milwaukee sting

Drug charges are very serious and can result in long lasting consequences for Milwaukee area residents. There are many potential consequences for a drug crime conviction such as large fines and jail time. Those convicted of drug crimes may also have a difficult time finding housing and employment because of their criminal record. An experienced Milwaukee criminal defense attorney can provide those facing drug charges with a competent, aggressive defense which is necessary to overcome potentially life changing drug charges.

Wisconsin man charged for drugs found in friend's car

Imagine being in the car with a friend who is driving. The two of you are on your way somewhere when the flashing lights of a patrol car appear behind you. You are unsure as to why a police officer would want to pull your friend's vehicle over. As the officer approaches, both of you are nervous.

Wisconsin residents arrested for hiding cocaine in diaper boxes

Being charged with a crime can leave many people confused and frustrated as they try to determine what their next step should be. The consequences for a drug crime conviction can range from being ordered to complete a substance abuse program to serving a lengthy prison sentence.

Federal drug charges could result in 10-year prison sentence

Criminal convictions can come with very serious penalties; drug charge convictions are no different. Recently, a Wisconsin Rapids man pled guilty to federal drug charges of crack cocaine possession and distribution.

Law Enforcement Concerned Over New Synthetic Drug

Many people will recall the growing concern over synthetic drugs last year. Synthetic marijuana became national news after people who used the synthetic drug were hospitalized across the nation. In response, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is working to ban synthetic marijuana.

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