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Inmate charged with 15 years in jail after multiple crimes

A 19-year-old man was arrested and sentenced to 15 years in jail for possession of a firearm after breaking out of the Black River Correctional Center in Wisconsin and committing multiple crimes. He had only 30 days left of a prior prison sentence for burglary and arson.Along with a 29-year-old inmate, the man escaped the facility on July 18th, 2012 and committed the federal crimes of firearm and auto theft. The two criminals also kidnapped and later released a woman in the process. Days after engaging in a high-speed auto chase with authorities and assaulting and robbing a store clerk in Florida, the two men were arrested.

Teenager arrested after allegedly offering drugs to police

A 17-year-old Gresham resident allegedly wished to sell drugs on April 7 and sent a text to a potential buyer. He used a telephone number that was provided to him, but it is not stated how he obtained the number. The boy sent a text asking for $120 and an unknown quantity of cigarettes in exchange for 42 pills containing Tylenol with codeine. At the time, he was at a private home in Shawano.The person on the other end of the telephone number, however, was the Stockbridge-Munsee Chief of Police. The police department had allegedly set up a fake drug purchase in order to try to catch persons selling drugs. As a result of the sting operation, the boy was arrested on suspicion of committing drug crimes.

Audit accuses Wisconsin foster care agency of fraud

The child foster care system plays a vital role in the state of Wisconsin. It's responsible for managing the welfare of thousands of children who have lost their parents or cannot live with them for various reasons. Like many other social service agencies, foster care firms often struggle to provide adequate means for their clients to succeed in life, in part because they rely on public funds that can shrink as state and county budgets do.

Options running out for sex offender hit with new charges

While most communities don't care to tolerate any type of crime, few crimes get as strong a reaction as a sex offense. Judges, prosecutors and legislators in Wisconsin are under intense pressure to come down hard on sex offenders and punish them to the highest degree possible. As a result, sex crimes carry lengthy prison sentences and offenders are typically required to register with law enforcement authorities after their sentences have ended.

Wisconsin woman convicted of sexual abuse avoids civil liability

We discuss a wide variety of cases on our criminal defense blog, but it may surprise readers to learn that defendants in criminal cases may also be sued for civil liability, usually by a victim or the victim's family. Whether or not the defendant is found guilty in criminal court doesn't necessarily dictate the outcome of a civil lawsuit, but both cases require a highly effective defense attorney.

10 Wisconsin teens accused of selling prescription drugs

As we've discussed in past blog posts, being charged with a crime can have serious negative consequences. Those who have been convicted of a felony are usually required to disclose that criminal history to employers, which can easily take them out of the running for a prospective job. Landlords, too, may be reluctant to offer a lease to someone who's been found guilty of a crime.

No prison for Wisconsin attorney convicted of embezzlement

Crimes that involve the theft or mishandling of business' or individuals' money may not fall into the same category as more violent offenses such as homicide or robbery, but that doesn't mean people convicted of them don't face serious penalties. White collar crimes typically result in prison time, fines and restitution, which is a requirement to pay back some or all of the stolen funds.

Child pornography minimum sentences enforced in Wisconsin

As we've discussed in past blog posts, the penalties for sex offenses -- particularly those involving children -- are severe in Wisconsin. But until fairly recently, there has always been some leeway for judges and juries in recommending appropriate sentences. That changed in April, when a new enforcing mandatory minimum sentences for underage pornography possession went into effect.

Former Wisconsin coach, principal takes plea deal in drug case

Although national public opinion of marijuana appears to be shifting toward greater acceptance, with some states legalizing the drug under certain circumstances, drug laws in Wisconsin haven't. People caught manufacturing, possessing or distributing marijuana can still face harsh penalties, including lengthy prison sentences. But having effective legal representation can make a significant difference in how your case is handled.

Acting coach accused of sex offenses involving Wisconsin teens

A criminal conviction for almost any type of crime has the potential to derail a career, but few are as damaging as a sex offense, particularly one that involves children. Even when minors are nearing adulthood, they are considered highly vulnerable. Any sexual activity between adults and teenagers is just as illegal as that with younger children, regardless of whether the activity is consensual.

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