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Milwaukee young men charged following drug bust

Wisconsin prosecutors take drug charges extremely seriously. This means that there are frequently scores of young individuals that have bright futures put on hold when they are charged with drug crimes in Milwaukee. Very often these individuals think that if they cooperate with police and answer their questions, they will get some sort of lenient treatment. This is not the case. It really is true that anything an individual says can and will be used against them. Accordingly, it is best to speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney before answering any questions from police.

Milwaukee man jailed for 133 days for drug crime he didn't commit

The false imprisonment of a Milwaukee man accused of a drug crime he didn't commit serves as a sobering reminder that prosecutors and law enforcement authorities can and do make mistakes. To protect against such injustice, it's vital that defendants have aggressive legal representation.

Milwaukee man gets 18 months for groping incidents

Sexual offenses are categorized according to their level of seriousness by degrees, similar to other crimes. Not surprisingly, first-degree sex crimes such as rape or the sexual assault of a young child carry the highest penalties, while misdemeanors such as public exposure come with much lighter sentences. But that doesn't mean prosecutors in Wisconsin don't take these "lesser" crimes seriously. Just like the most heinous sex crimes, the media exposure and penalties that come with more minor offenses can derail a defendant's plans for the future.

Milwaukee father, son, 2 others charged in counterfeiting ring

A Milwaukee man and his 20-year-old son have been indicted on federal charges of possessing, selling and passing counterfeit U.S. currency, along with two other men. Their arrests came after an investigation that spanned almost two years and involved local and federal law enforcement officials, as well as confidential informants and store employees where the men allegedly tried to pass the fake bills.

Milwaukee alderman finishes federal prison term, awaits more time

A former member of the Common Council for the city of Milwaukee just finished serving a sentence in federal prison and has already reported to a correctional facility in Franklin, Wisconsin, for another term behind bars -- this time on state charges. The 43-year-old man had just two days of freedom in between his sentences, which were handed down after he was convicted of a number of crimes.

Man to be sentenced in Milwaukee-area money laundering case

A sentencing date has been set in federal court for the last of eight people who were indicted in an alleged money laundering scheme from a Milwaukee-area company. The SC Johnson company, based in Racine, sued individuals after they say they found a scheme in which a trucking company was deducting kickbacks. The company was awarded millions of dollars for damages, and eight people were indicted in a criminal case.

Milwaukee court official's tax fraud trial sees more delays

Fans of TV courtroom dramas are often led to believe that criminal trials can begin and end in a matter of days. In reality, they can and usually do take much longer -- even years, in some cases -- due to delays brought on by venue changes, new evidence or minute technicalities that are too boring or complicated to be included in any television show. This is especially true when it comes to white collar crimes.

Fraud, theft charges dropped in Milwaukee pastor's criminal case

There's a good reason why Wisconsin residents dread the income tax season. Filing income tax returns can be time-consuming, complicated and, unless you're an accountant or tax attorney, rather boring. It can also be very confusing, which is why the IRS rejects thousands of returns every year due to errors.

Milwaukee sexual assault suspect pleads no contest, avoids jail

Earlier this year we told you about a Milwaukee man who was facing sexual assault charges based on the allegations of a woman who was applying to work for him. After multiple delays in the case, it appears to have been resolved with a plea agreement. But the outcome is somewhat unusual for a sex crime.

Milwaukee man indicted in federal sex trafficking case

Although law enforcement and court officials are intent on preventing and prosecuting all forms of sex crimes, some offenses may receive more attention than others, especially when a great number of victims is involved. National public awareness of sex trafficking is growing, and police have stepped up their efforts to stop the crime itself from spreading further.

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