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Federal and state variances on controlled substances

It is likely that many Milwaukee adults have used substances the federal government considers illegal. That's not a criticism of the habits of Wisconsin residents. Many medications doctors prescribe for legitimate health reasons are listed on the same Controlled Substance Schedules as drugs no one is permitted to manufacture, distribute or use -- like heroin.

What does a plea bargain mean in relation to drug crimes?

If this is the first time you have faced criminal drug charges, you are likely hearing a lot of terminology you might not understand. Asking questions is a great idea and can help you prepare for your journey through the legal system. The answers you receive to your questions can also help you make the right decisions for your unique situation.

Prescription fraud can mean harsh penalties in Wisconsin

Regardless of a defendant's particular role in prescription fraud charges, a conviction can prove devastating to all involved. This holds true for everyone from a doctor who allegedly abuses his or her prescription-writing privileges to an ordinary person who allegedly tries to use a prescription in an illegal manner.

A look at Wisconsin's drugged driving laws

As in other states, the government tracks data regarding drug use trends and other drug-related issues in Wisconsin. State lawmakers can use this government data to alter, eliminate or create new programs to help curtail both drug abuse and arrests for drug crimes. Those who are facing drug charges can also access this information to gain an understanding of how seriously Wisconsin authorities take drugged driving and other crimes.

Drug crimes involving Oxycontin may carry a greater penalty

All prescription drug convictions can impact a person's life in a big way, but a conviction for the possession or distribution of Oxycontin can be devastating. Oxycontin is a Schedule II drug, which means anyone convicted of distributing or even possessing this substance illegally may discover he or she is in more trouble than first believed. Making matters even worse in some cases, the amount of the drug in possession can increase the penalties associated with the charges.

Wisconsin woman faces drug charges after overdose in home

A 31-year-old woman from Manitowoc is facing drug charges after a 28-year-old man reportedly died from heroin toxicity while he was present in her home. The charges against the woman include two misdemeanor charges for obstructing an officer and possession of drug paraphernalia, as well as a felony charge of maintaining a drug trafficking place.

Asset forfeiture laws and drug crimes consequences in Wisconsin

When you are arrested on a drug charge, the penalties you could face can often be severe. Depending on the type of drug crime you are charged with, you could face many years of jail time and even a stiff fine. What you may not know, however, is that the state of Wisconsin has civil asset forfeiture laws that could lead to problems for even the members of your family who were not involved in your crime.

Marijuana manufacturing laws still strict in Wisconsin

Although some states have recently started taking a more lenient approach when it comes to laws for manufacturing or growing marijuana, Wisconsin is not one of those states. In fact, drug manufacturing laws in the state of Wisconsin are not only strict, but they are often considered so broad that police officers may arrest you even if there is actually not much of a chance you will actually face conviction.

Wisconsin man receives probation after for alleged drug charges

A 20-year-old Marshfield man has received three years on probation for a misdemeanor battery and multiple drug charges. In addition to the misdemeanor battery charge, the man had also been charged with marijuana possession, felony bail jumping and maintaining a drug trafficking place.

Wisconsin couple arrested for allegedly transporting Ecstasy

A 22-year-old man and his wife, also 22, are facing multiple drug charges. These include maintaining a drug trafficking vehicle, possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver and possession of THC. In addition, the husband also faces a second and subsequent charge for possession of THC as well as two counts on a felony bail jumping charge.

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