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What are the most common types of cybercrimes?

Many people in Wisconsin who commit crimes online fall prey to the false sense of security that the internet provides. Some of these individuals may not be aware that some of their online activities are illegal and can result in them receiving criminal charges. Others are aware of their illegal actions and do not believe anyone will catch them.

4 FAQs about online harassment

Nearly four out of every 10 online users say they experience some form of online harassment, according to the Pew Research Center, and people in the 18-29 age range are most likely to be involved. With the issue becoming so common, many questions have arisen about online harassment, stalking and bullying.

3 common cyber crimes

The classifications for cyber crimes are vast and ever growing. One college student's prank to pass along messages to every computer screen or printer on campus is another student's internet and/or computer crime. Most crimes involving the internet require some form malicious intent. Below are three examples of cyber crimes that a quite common and continue to grow, especially with the consistent rise of social media.

Gone Phishing? You Could Face Jail Time.

Phishing is an attempt to fraudulently obtain someone's confidential information by impersonating or claiming partnership with a well-known business or organization. The goal of most phishing scams is to obtain financial information, such as bank account information or credit card numbers. However, you could be charged with an Internet crime any time you attempt to obtain confidential information under false pretenses, even if you do not use it for financial gain.

Online fraud scams and Cyber Monday

We are now just a couple of weeks away from one of the biggest online shopping days of the year, Cyber Monday. On Cyber Monday, the Monday after Thanksgiving, many retailers offer major online deals to encourage online shoppers to spend their holiday shopping dollars with them and many consumers are on the lookout online for big deals on presents for loved ones or personal purchases. A significant amount of spending occurs on Cyber Monday. Around $3 billion in total spending is expected to occur on Cyber Monday this year, according to National Retail Federation estimates. 

The importance of criminal intent in underage pornography charges

In today's digital environment full of clickable links and misleading headlines, it is easy to end up on a website full of illegal images. Links to underage pornography can even appear in an otherwise authoritative-looking email, just waiting to ensnare curious Wisconsin residents. Unfortunately, possessing and distributing pornographic images of children is always a crime, even when it happened accidentally or unknowingly.

Fight back against accusations of Internet criminal activity

Most people use computers or other devices to access the Internet on a daily basis. While most of the activities of the average person are usually legal, there are some activities that might actually be illegal but don't seem that way. We know that facing Internet crime charges can be frightening, especially when terms like cyberterrorism are being thrown around.

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