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What does official misconduct mean?

In Wisconsin, official misconduct occurs when a public official engages in any illegal or improper acts. In addition to being a criminal offense, official misconduct is a violation of the official's duty to serve the public good rather than his or her own personal good. Official misconduct can take many different forms, which is why some public officials may not know or believe they have committed a crime.

What constitutes police misconduct?

News headlines have caused vigorous debate about the lengths law enforcement officers may go to do their jobs. Some Wisconsin residents may be unfamiliar with the protections they have under the U.S. Constitution. Individuals have the right to be treated fairly in all legal proceedings.

What is the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act?

Until passage of the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act, states did not have uniform guidelines for categorizing sex offenders. A National Sex Offender Registry, known as the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act, was outlined in Title 1 of the 2006 Adam Walsh Act.

Prosecution of illegal sales of wildlife resources

Milwaukee residents may make purchasing decisions based upon information about a product's source. For instance, some consumers refuse to buy genetically modified foods or clothing manufactured in countries where sweatshops are prevalent. Individuals and companies must obtain, manufacture and sell plant and animal resources legally.

Subway suspends spokesman ties despite lack of charges

A recent, ongoing news story highlights how quickly criminal charges can change a defendant's life. Jared Fogle, now 37, is best known as the long-time television spokesperson for Subway, the sandwich restaurant that Fogle claimed helped him lose hundreds of excess pounds starting in 1998.

The investigation of cruise ship crimes

Cruise ship companies invite Wisconsin vacationers to enjoy pleasurable experiences in what appears to be a controlled environment. A cruise ship vacation can be a relief from everyday rules and responsibilities. However, approximately 10 million American passengers expected to take cruises in 2015 are not insulated entirely from worries, including crime.

Do federal grand jury witnesses need legal representation?

Federal grand juries collect evidence through the use of subpoenas before deciding whether criminal charges are warranted. There is no requirement for a Milwaukee witness to retain an attorney before testifying in front of a federal grand jury, but there is a compelling reason to seek a lawyer's advice. A witness may be the target of a federal criminal investigation.

10 arrested in Wisconsin underage pornography investigation

A task force comprised of members of eight Wisconsin law enforcement agencies arrested 10 people recently. Allegations of underage pornography possession or distribution were made against half a dozen people -- two other defendants are expected to be charged with the same offenses. The remaining two defendants were charged solely with drug crimes.

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