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2 facing drug crimes charges after running out of gas at night

Running out of gas can be an ordeal, and having to walk to a service station late at night could prove scary. While authorities may seek to lend a person a helping hand at such times, the situation can take a turn should they deem one's actions or behavior suspicious. Two individuals now stand accused of drug crimes after a late-night encounter led to the open air search of a vehicle in Wisconsin.

Alleged undercover buy leads to allegations of drug crimes

While performing an investigation into the possible presence of drug activity, authorities may deploy informants in an attempt to make a controlled purchase. Once an informant claims to have purchased drugs from a person, police may use this information to attempt to obtain a warrant to perform a search of his or her residence and/or vehicle. Two individuals have been accused of drug crimes after an alleged purchase led to the search of a vehicle during a recent traffic stop in Wisconsin.

Reports of alleged theft leads to allegations of drug crimes

Anyone can place a call to authorities accusing another party of involvement in unlawful behavior. However, before a conviction can be obtained, there must be sufficient evidence to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. A woman is reportedly facing allegations of drug crimes following a recent investigation in which she was accused of stealing jewelry from a home in Wisconsin.

Noisy exhaust leads to allegations of drug crimes for 2

Two individuals are reportedly facing criminal charges after they were allegedly found to be in possession of cocaine during a recent traffic stop in Wisconsin. Drug crimes carry serious consequences if a conviction is obtained, and since the criminal justice system can be complex, the average person may lack the necessary legal knowledge to know how to approach the situation. Those who face such charges may find it advisable to speak with an attorney for guidance in preparing for what comes next by focusing on their defense.

Search of vehicle leads to allegations of drug crimes for 1

Without the necessary legal experience, many individuals may be unaware of their rights when it comes to involvement in a routine traffic stop. Without the presence of a warrant, law enforcement agents must generally have reasonable cause to suspect the presence of wrongdoing before they can perform a search of the vehicle. A man in Wisconsin could be working with an attorney to ensure his rights weren't violated after a recent traffic stop left him accused of drug crimes.

Wisconsin man arrested and accused of drug crimes

A 39-year-old man has been arrested and accused of involvement in drug activity following a recent investigation in Wisconsin. Being the subject of an investigation into the possible presence of drug activity can be a daunting process, and without the necessary legal experience, a person may be uncertain how to respond to allegations. For those who stand accused of drug crimes, seeking guidance early in the process may be advisable.

Man accused of drug crimes pleads not guilty

A man in Reeseville has pleaded not guilty to charges that suggest he was in possession of a large amount of drugs. The 39-year-old Wisconsin resident entered the plea on March 22 after he was arrested following a months-long investigation. If he is found guilty of the drug crimes he is charged with, he could face over $500,000 in fines and a sentence of up to 166 years in prison. 

2 accused of drug crimes following recent investigation

When law enforcement agents suspect the presence of drug activity in the area, they will generally initiate an investigation into the matter. Individuals who are accused of possessing illegal narcotics face serious consequences, and a conviction for similar charges can have a lingering impact on a person's future. Two men have recently been accused of drug crimes after authorities claim they located a variety of illegal substances during the search of a residence in Wisconsin.

Drug crimes arrest after a traffic stop must be properly handled

A traffic stop in Wisconsin may be the precursor to a drug arrest. Criminal defense counsel will always examine thoroughly the facts surrounding a traffic stop that results in arrests for drug crimes. The procedures used by the police in these incidents must follow constitutional mandates for conducting a search and seizure under state and federal requirements. Where there is a violation of such mandates by the police procedures that are used to make a drug arrest, the defendant can file a motion to suppress the evidence, which, if granted, will usually result in a full dismissal of the charges.

Investigation leads to accusations of felony drug crimes for 2

When authorities are informed of the potential presence of drug activity, an investigation will generally ensue. Being the subject of such an investigation can be a stressful process, and without the necessary legal experience, an individual might be uncertain how to respond to the situation. Two individuals have been accused of felony drug crimes following a recent investigation that allegedly led to a traffic chase in Wisconsin.

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