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Motor vehicle searches: 5 FAQs on Supreme Court cases

In his song Cars Are Cars, Paul Simon wrote of someone who "once had a car that was more like a home." Simon wasn't referring to a motor home and reasonable expectation of privacy against police searches; his concerns were more existential, about feeling at home in a world filled with so many strangers.

How social media can affect criminal cases

If you are facing criminal charges in Wisconsin, it is wise to understand the ways in which your social media profiles and postings may impact your case. Nowadays, many people have social media accounts across a broad variety of different mediums, and just as you may use these channels to find out more about a colleague, babysitter, a potential date or what have you, you can expect that whoever is prosecuting your criminal case may do the same. So, before you post to any of your social media accounts, understand how doing so may affect your case.

Invoking the Sixth Amendment could save your case

Whether you are a first-time alleged offender or you have been arrested before, criminal charges can push you to the limits. Too many Americans face the challenging reality of defending themselves against criminal charges on an annual basis. The stresses of this situation can be overwhelming.

Minimize your chances of getting pulled over by police

Driving is a necessary part of life, but getting pulled over by the cops is an aspect of your travel that is mostly avoidable. The attention of police can be minimized by eliminating behaviors that give officers a reason to stop you and give you a ticket. If you do get pulled over, it's important to remain polite, as a belligerent attitude is likely to only make the situation worse.

3 Reasons why an eyewitness doesn't guarantee a guilty verdict

If you're facing criminal charges and the prosecution has an eyewitness lined up to give testimony, you're likely feeling discouraged about your case. However, research shows that eyewitness testimony is often unreliable in a courtroom. Here are a few reasons why you shouldn't give up hope just yet.

False accusations and false confessions

Most Americans are familiar with the concept of Miranda rights, even if many do not identify these rights by this name. "You have the right to remain silent..." is a phrase commonly uttered by television actors, film actors and book characters. Therefore the frequency with which Americans are reminded of this right is significant. However, it is understandably easy to forget this right once you have been arrested. It is easy for individuals who have committed wrongdoing to forget this right and it is very easy for individuals who have been falsely accused to forget it as well.

Attorney to jail workers: Stop talking to my client

It was the routine in the St. Croix, Wisconsin county jail. Three times a week a mental health worker would go to the cells of inmates considered to be at risk of committing suicide to assess their state of mind and make sure they were OK. The attorney for an inmate accused of murdering his three daughters wants that stopped, claiming the therapist may be gathering information for prosecutors. He has gone to court to demand mental health workers stop trying to talk to his client.

New Wisconsin law allows greater access to juvenile records

This week Gov. Scott Walker signed seven bills intended to offer better protection for crime victims and make it easier for police to investigate suspects. At least one of the new laws removes a key criminal defense protection.

Two Wisconsin men arrested after police chase

Police arrested two young Wisconsin men on felony charges after a 100 mph car chase earlier this month that extended through several counties. The two arrestees, who are ages 18 and 20, were charged with felony offenses stemming from allegedly breaking and entering.

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