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2 face felony mail theft charges in Wisconsin

When individuals prepare to send a letter or package, they may feel content with simply leaving the item in their mailbox for pickup. Should their message fail to reach the intended party, suspicions may arise and lead to allegations of mail theft. Reports indicate that a recent investigation into the possible presence of mail theft prompted an investigation that has left two individuals in Wisconsin facing felony charges.

Allegations of mail theft

The investigation reportedly began after authorities received a complaint from a person claiming that a check intended for donation was altered and cashed by a different party. Initial investigations suggested that someone might have accessed the mailbox and taken the letter from within before it could be sent to the proper party. Authorities state that other witnesses came forth with similar claims and provided information on the make and model of a suspicious vehicle others were using to roam around the area and access other people’s mail.

Authorities say that after receiving several reports of this nature, they were able to locate the vehicle in question. A subsequent search of the vehicle allegedly unearthed the presence of mail that had been stolen from various locations. Both occupants of the vehicle were taken into custody and are now facing felony mail theft charges.

Felony charges

It may come as no surprise that a conviction for felony mail theft charges carries severe repercussions. Those who face similar charges and wish to seek insight on how best to prepare for what comes next could find it helpful to retain the services of an attorney for guidance as soon as possible. An attorney can examine the situation a client in Wisconsin is facing, provide insight on all his or her legal rights and options, and assist in creating a strong defense for use during subsequent court proceedings.

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