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1 faces drug and assault charges after investigation

When a heated altercation occurs, all parties involved may each recall the events that unfolded in their own way. The discrepancies between their statements may only act to add additional pressure onto authorities as they perform an investigation into the matter. A recent investigation into reports of a physical altercation and the theft of a phone has reportedly left a Wisconsin man facing various drug and assault charges.

Incident reports

The incident is said to have begun after a 15-year-old boy reportedly decided to visit a friend on a recent Wednesday. He says that upon leaving the residence on his bike, his friend’s father approached from behind and started attacking him and proceeded to steal his phone. After initiating an investigation into the incident, authorities say they were unable to locate the man until the following day.

While speaking with authorities, the man reportedly informed them that he chased the boy down after being informed that the boy had stolen his son’s phone. However, he says that his son was the one who got into a fight with the boy and denied having any involvement in the matter. Authorities say the man was placed under arrest and claim to have found unspecified amounts of methamphetamine on him during this process.

A strong defense

It is no secret that facing drug and assault charges can be stressful under any circumstance. Individuals in Wisconsin who stand accused of involvement in such behavior and wish to know more about what to expect from the subsequent process could benefit from consulting with an attorney as soon as possible. An attorney can evaluate the situation a client is facing, provide insight on all his or her legal rights and available options and assist in developing a strong defense for use during court proceedings.

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