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Allegations of assault lead to domestic violence charges

When a disagreement develops into a heated argument, it could prove difficult to predict how those involved might respond. Similar scenarios could lead to physical altercations or allegations of threats of violence, both of which could leave a person shaken up and uncertain what to do. A man in Wisconsin is reportedly facing numerous domestic violence charges after he was accused of assaulting another party and fleeing the scene.

Domestic dispute

Authorities say they responded to reports of a domestic dispute at a local residence on a recent Monday night. Upon arriving at the scene, they claim to have spoken with a person who presented with physical injuries. They were informed that the man who caused the injuries had recently fled the scene and upon locating his vehicle, they attempted to initiate a routine traffic stop.

Law enforcement agents assert that the man led them on a brief high-speed pursuit. Although it remains unclear how this pursuit came to an end, reports indicate that the man was taken into custody shortly thereafter. He stands accused of assaulting another party and attempting to evade authorities and is now facing numerous charges in relation to the incident.

Facing charges

Individuals who stand accused of domestic violence might not always fully understand their legal rights or know how best to respond to allegations. Fortunately, one does not have to go through a similar process alone, and there are attorneys in Wisconsin who can provide a person with much needed advice on his or her available options. An attorney can help protect a client’s legal rights while developing a plan to seek the best outcome achievable concerning his or her future during court proceedings.

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