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2 face armed robbery charges after incident at convenience store

Items that are lost or are stolen during an incident could wind up in the hands of virtually anyone. Unfortunately, should a person attempt to use or sell an item that is found on the ground, he or she could face suspicion of wrongdoing if the item is reported as stolen. A recent incident in which a man allegedly attempted to cash in stolen lottery tickets has led to armed robbery charges for two individuals in Wisconsin.

An investigation into an alleged armed robbery reportedly began after a convenience store clerk called authorities claiming that a man had held him up at gunpoint. The clerk asserts that the man and another person both proceeded to steal various items from the store, ranging from cash to lottery tickets. The two are said to have fled the scene after allegedly forcing the clerk to hand over the keys to his or her vehicle.

Police say that while the investigation was underway, they were notified that a man had attempted to cash in stolen lottery tickets. They claim the man matched one of the individuals spotted in surveillance footage of the incident at the store. He was arrested soon thereafter, and police say they are still searching for the other individual. Both individuals are reportedly facing various charges in relation to the incident, including allegations of armed robbery.

Those accused of violent crimes such as armed robbery might not always know how best to respond to allegations, as such an experience can be stressful and harrowing. Prior to choosing a path, a person in Wisconsin who faces a similar scenario could benefit from retaining the services of an attorney for advice in making informed choices. Such guidance could play a vital role in helping a person understand all his or her available options and how best to prepare for the subsequent process.

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