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Violent crimes increase in Milwaukee

Wisconsin residents face a high overall risk of violent crimes. From assault to crimes with deadly weapons, this trend in the city seems to be increasing. 

Local officials are now actively seeking solutions. 

Milwaukee mayor notes changes  

According to WTMJ-TV, the city’s mayor recently spoke about the rise in Milwaukee’s crime rate during a press conference that also included other speakers representing violent crime awareness, such as 414 Life Gun Violence Interruption. The conference focused on why the city’s violent crime rate saw such a drastic change from the previous year and what citizens might do to prevent violent crime in their own neighborhoods. 

Murder rates skyrocket  

The city’s murder rates have doubled in the space of the year, although the reason for the spike is largely unknown. The city’s mayor noted that racial factors and recent rising unemployment rates may play a part in the rising number of homicides in the area. However, these conditions are not necessarily unique to the city, especially during a time when most of the country is experiencing these issues. 

Gun violence also on the rise  

Instances of gun violence rose nearly as much as homicide in Milwaukee over the past year; cases of shootings where the victim survived rose to over half when compared to 2019. In a state where open carry is legal and people do not have to have a gun license, these numbers are higher overall when compared to other states with stricter gun control laws. 

Violent crime can impact the quality of life for Wisconsin residents. However, city leaders hope that increasing awareness about gun violence may help numbers drop over the coming months. 

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