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Homicide charges filed in response to drug overdose

Two men are facing homicide charges in connection with a fentanyl and heroin overdose which took one man’s life. reports that the two men facing charges ran a drug operation from jail. One man was already in jail while the other man acted on his instructions to sell the drugs. Both men are facing counts of first-degree reckless homicide. 

A criminal complaint released details of the situation. 

The last person to see the man alive was his girlfriend 

Investigators questioned the decedent’s girlfriend, who was the last person to see him alive. In her first interview, she denied using heroin with her boyfriend. In a later interview, however, she admitted to picking up heroin with him that night at a home on S. 22nd Street. She admitted that it was possible they received fentanyl, stating, “You never know out there.” 

Calls to the jail 

The investigation showed that the woman called a phone number that night in connection with ordering the heroin. The number she called that night belongs to the House of Correction. It is common for suspects who conduct drug transactions while incarcerated to call their own number from jail. The criminal complaint notes that two numbers found on the woman’s phone were “dope” numbers used to obtain drugs. 

The criminal complaint also reveals that while one man was in jail, another man would act on his orders to deal the drugs for him. The decedent’s girlfriend picked out a photo of the man she bought the drugs from when presented with photos of the convicted man’s associates. 

When it comes to drug crimes, a conviction is serious in Milwaukee. People with drug charges may find themselves facing lengthy prison sentences and a permanent blemish on their criminal record. 

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