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Can you get a DUI for drugs?

In Wisconsin, there are laws in place that deal with driving while under the influence. Though most people think of alcohol when they think of DUI-related crimes, the reality is that DUI crimes, in general, cover a much wider range, including the potential use of drugs.

The first thing to note is that you can potentially get a DUI both for illicit drugs, as well as for prescription drugs or even over the counter medication. Some medicines come with labels that tell people not to operate machinery or drive after having taken it. If you choose to ignore these warnings, drive anyway, and get pulled over or involved in a crash, it can be used against you.

The severity of your inebriation may depend on several factors, including what substance you took and how much of it you took. There is not a blood alcohol content metric for drug usage as there is for the usage of alcohol, however. In many cases, simply having consumed a substance enough to be impaired is enough to get you a DUI charge. For illicit substances, the use or possession of it at all can be enough to result in charges.

Of course, if you were taking illicit substances at the time of the arrest, this can be used against you as well. You will likely be facing other drug related charges on top of the DUI charges, as they are often treated separately. If you are trying to read more about drug crimes and driving while under the influence, consider taking a look at our web page on drug crimes, linked here.

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