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Why do false domestic violence allegations arise?

Every day, people across the country are subjected to domestic violence. However, many people destroy the lives of others by claiming that they were abused even though no such mistreatment occurred. There are a host of reasons why someone may decide to accuse their partner (or former partner) of domestic violence, and these cases can be incredibly damaging. Not only do those who face false domestic violence accusations face serious penalties and repercussions in their lives, but they may be flooded with a host of negative emotions that derail their life and lead to long-term challenges. 

There are different reasons why some people are motivated to accuse their current partner or ex of domestic violence even though they were never abused. First of all, child custody is a common reason why these cases surface. By throwing the other parent under the bus, many people have been able to win custody cases and prevent their child’s other parent from spending time with the child or having any access to the child. Aside from custody, some people simply hold grudges and want to do everything in their power to destroy another person’s life. For example, someone may be bitter about an affair or their ex’s decision to leave the relationship, and they may think that falsely accusing them of domestic violence is the perfect way to get back. 

Even if domestic violence allegations are completely fabricated, they can be tough to fight back against. If you are facing this problem, it is extremely important to have a clear understanding of the legal strategies that may help prove that you are innocent. 

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