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Do you know the different types of domestic violence?

Just as there are several types of relationships scattered throughout Milwaukee, there are different ways in which a person can become abusive within a relationship. You could inflict abuse on your partner without knowing or meaning to.  

Women Against Abuse takes an in-depth look at the many faces of partner violence. Understand whether you could face an accusation of domestic violence without raising a hand against your partner.  

Emotional abuse  

With emotional abuse, the harm the victim suffers is psychological rather than physical. Examples include verbal insults, intimidating behavior, misplaced blame and feelings of jealousy. Following a partner and purposefully isolating the individual from family and friends are also examples of emotional abuse.  

Technological abuse  

Even technology becomes a catalyst for domestic violence. For instance, accessing a partner’s email and social media accounts without permission and keeping tabs on the person’s social media activity are two forms of technological abuse. Someone may also track her or his partner’s geographic location or hack text messages and phone calls.  

Physical abuse 

Of course, raising a hand in violence against a partner is the most prevalent form of domestic violence. Additional examples include forcing a partner to use illicit substances and destroying personal property.  

Sexual abuse 

Even if two people are in a relationship, consent is still key when partners engage in sexual intimacy with each other. Convincing a partner to forgo protection when she or he does not want to is a form of sexual abuse, and the same is true of having sex with a partner when he or she is unconscious.  

This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice. 

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