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Are you under a phishing scheme investigation?

There are various kinds of phishing schemes going on every day all across the country.

If you are under investigation for engineering such a scam, or participating in one what should you do?

Phishing explained

A phishing scam is one in which fraudulent information is passed along by email to obtain either personal information or money from the recipient. Many times, the sender claims to work for an organization that does not exist but sounds perfectly legitimate. Participants in an elaborate phishing scheme may even create a website under the name of the nonexistent company or agency so they appear even more authentic to the targeted individual.

A recent example

In November 2018, a phishing scheme aimed at employees in an Ohio business took place. The employees received an email that appeared to be from their boss. He explained he was in a meeting, but wanted them to purchase $1,000 worth of Google Play gift cards for him, saying he would repay the employees after he got out of the meeting. In the meantime, the message instructed the staffers to email codes for the gift cards to a variety of separate email addresses. The employees had purchased the Google gift cards by the time their boss emerged from the meeting, but fortunately, they had not yet emailed the codes to the various email addresses. Their boss explained he had not sent the email and did not know who had. Now the employees were stuck with gift cards they could not return. When notified of the email incident, the police told the group that similar gift card phishing scams had popped up in areas all over the country.

Your next step

If you are under investigation for participating in any kind of phishing scam, explore your legal options without delay. Remember that you have rights that require protection. It is incumbent upon the prosecution to prove a phishing case against you beyond a reasonable doubt.

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