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3 facing drug crimes charges following incident in Wisconsin

Three individuals have been arrested and accused of involvement in drug activity after authorities received reports of suspicious behavior in Wisconsin. A conviction for drug crimes carries serious consequences that could have a substantial impact on a person’s future. Those who stand accused of similar offenses may wish to protect against undesirable consequences, but they might be uncertain where to turn for guidance in the process.

Authorities assert the incident began on a recent Tuesday when they received reports from a witness about a man who was allegedly standing outside of a car while holding a rifle. Upon arriving at the scene, police claim to have found several individuals sitting in two parked cars. They also claim to have caught wind of a strong scent of marijuana upon approaching the vehicles, and a subsequent search ensued.

During the search, police allegedly unearthed the presence of unspecified amounts of marijuana and cocaine. In addition, they also claim to have located a rifle and ammunition. Three individuals were taken into custody soon thereafter, two of whom reportedly stand accused of possession of illegal drugs with intent to deliver.

When confronted by law enforcement officers, the average person may be uncertain how best to respond to the situation and unaware of how any statements they make could be used against them. Prior to making a response to allegations of drug crimes, a person in Wisconsin could benefit from consulting with an experienced defense attorney. An attorney can provide a client with guidance throughout every stage of the process and assist in forming a strong defense for subsequent court proceedings.

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