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2 facing multiple drug crimes charges in Wisconsin

Upon receiving information on the possible presence of drug activity, law enforcement agents will generally initiate an investigation into the matter. Being the subject of such an investigation can be a harrowing experience, and should this lead to allegations of drug crimes, a person may feel uncertain how best to approach the situation. Two individuals have been arrested, and both are facing numerous drug charges following a recent investigation in Wisconsin.

According to reports, the investigation involved multiple law enforcement agencies and was geared toward reducing the flow of drug activity in the area. While many of the details concerning what prompted these events remain unclear, the investigation reportedly led authorities to obtain a warrant to search two homes on a recent Tuesday. During the searches, they claim to have unearthed more than 400 grams of heroin, along with several firearms and a large sum of cash.

Two individuals were taken into custody shortly after the searches were conducted. Each is facing multiple charges in relation to the investigation, including possession of heroin with intent to deliver and maintaining a drug dwelling. Similar charges carry severe consequences, and a conviction could lead to a lengthy prison term and a substantial amount in monetary fines.

Those who stand accused of drug crimes under similar circumstances may find it advisable to seek guidance from someone with experience in such matters as soon as possible. A defense attorney in Wisconsin can help a person gain a better understanding of the potential consequences he or she may face. An attorney can work toward protecting a client’s legal rights and assist in pursuing the most favorable outcome possible during court proceedings.

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