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Violent crimes: 2 accused of armed robbery in Wisconsin

When a crime takes place, law enforcement agents may initiate their investigation based on the statement of a witness. Whether this includes the make and model of a vehicle, or the clothing worn by a person, police may use this information in an attempt to locate a suspect. Two individuals are facing violent crimes charges in relation to their alleged involvement in a recent armed robbery in Wisconsin.

The incident reportedly began when an employee at a convenience store notified authorities that a robbery had taken place. Upon speaking with police, the clerk claimed that a man had entered the store with a gun and demanded cash. After allegedly threatening this person and taking an unspecified amount of cash from the register, the clerk claims to have watched the man enter a van and leave the scene.

Authorities claim they located the van soon thereafter and assert that a man inside the vehicle was wearing clothing that matched the description given by the witness. During a search of the vehicle, they allegedly uncovered more than $450 in cash hidden within it. Police also claim to have located the gun that was allegedly used during the robbery outside the man’s residence, and both he and the driver of the vehicle were arrested and charged with armed robbery.

When accused of violent crimes of this nature, the average person might be unaware of his or her rights and the available legal options. For advice on what to expect from the subsequent process and guidance in forming a strong defense, a person in Wisconsin might find it beneficial to retain the services of an experienced attorney. This type of guidance could help a person become better prepared to pursue a favorable outcome during subsequent legal proceedings.

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