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Drug crimes: 1 accused of purchasing illegal narcotics online

With the recent growth of online shopping, it might not be all that uncommon for a person to receive multiple packages through the mail on a weekly basis. A person can purchase almost anything on the internet and have it shipped right to his or her door. Unfortunately, a Wisconsin woman is now facing accusations of drug crimes after authorities claim she used an encrypted computer network to purchase illegal narcotics.

Authorities say the investigation began when a postal service worker allegedly discovered two packages containing multiple tablets of oxycodone that were addressed to the woman. After looking into her shipping and receiving history, they claim to have discovered that she had received over 600 packages in the previous two years alone. Police assert that she showed up to pick up the packages the same day, and she was taken into custody upon arrival.

Following her arrest, law enforcement agents initiated a search of both her vehicle and home. During this process, they were allegedly able to locate multiple opioid pills and an unspecified amount of marijuana, along with drug paraphernalia. Upon being questioned by police, the woman allegedly admitted to purchasing the drugs through the internet.

The penalties for drug crimes can be severe, and if convicted, the woman could reportedly be facing more than three years behind bars and a substantial amount in fines. Those who face similar charges may wish to protect against such undesirable consequences, but they might be uncertain where to turn for guidance in the process. Fortunately, there are attorneys who can help a person in Wisconsin gain a better understanding of the process and provide assistance with any future legal proceedings associated with the charges.

Source:, “Sussex woman faces felony charges for allegedly ordering pills through the mail“, Tyler Langan, May 2, 2018

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