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2 accused of drug crimes regarding shipments of narcotics

Two Wisconsin men have been arrested after police claimed to have received reports that they were receiving shipments of illegal drugs through the mail. Each is reportedly facing multiple drug crimes charges following the investigation. Those who are accused of similar offenses may wish to protect themselves by forming a strong defense, but they might be uncertain where to turn for guidance in navigating the criminal justice system.

Law enforcement agents assert that the investigation began when they received a tip claiming that packages containing illegal drugs were being shipped to a local residence. Upon executing a search warrant at the residence, authorities were allegedly able to uncover the presence of as many as 7 ounces of cocaine and 3 lbs. of marijuana. They claim that the shipments were coming in from oversees and that the two individuals had attempted to hide the drugs within wood carvings.

Both individuals were arrested shortly thereafter and is each facing numerous charges in relation to the search, including possession with intent to deliver cocaine and marijuana. According to reports, each person remains in custody while awaiting future court proceedings. Similar charges carry serious penalties, and a conviction could lead to consequences that could alter their lives substantially.

Being the subject of an investigation into drug activity can be stressful enough as is. Those who face allegations of drug crimes under similar circumstances could benefit from consulting with a defense attorney as soon as the charges are filed. An attorney can provide a client in Wisconsin with advice in making informed decisions and assist in protecting his or her legal rights while pursuing the most favorable outcome possible.

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