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1 facing multiple white collar crimes charges in Wisconsin

When a company begins to experience periods of financial strain, its owners may wish to determine the root of its struggles. In some cases, a company might attempt to find someone on which to lay the blame, and the investigation can leave an employee accused of white collar crimes. A 44-year-old woman is reportedly facing numerous charges after allegedly embezzling money from several employers in Wisconsin.

While reportedly under investigation for another matter, authorities claim to have uncovered evidence suggesting that the woman had stolen more than $80,000 from one employer. They claim that while working as an accountant for the company, she wrote checks to herself without receiving authorization from the owner. She was subsequently accused of theft in a business setting and was taken into custody before being released on bond.

Authorities claim the woman has been charged with numerous counts of identity theft and theft in a business setting since the initial investigation. During the most recent incident, she allegedly used a company credit account for personal purchases without authorization. Law enforcement agents assert that the woman has admitted to making numerous unauthorized transactions, and she is reportedly facing multiple charges in relation to the investigation.

When facing allegations of white collar crimes such as identity theft and embezzlement, one might find it advisable to seek guidance from an attorney as soon as possible. A defense attorney can help a client in Wisconsin understanding the potential consequences he or she may face and assist in forming a strategy on how to proceed. If a conviction cannot be avoided, an attorney can assist a client in pursuing the most favorable outcome achievable during court proceedings.

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