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White collar crimes: 1 facing felony charges in Wisconsin

A 22-year-old woman is reportedly facing felony identity theft charges after allegedly stealing and using the bank account information of several others in Wisconsin. White collar crimes such as identity theft carry serious consequences if a conviction is obtained. Those who face such charges could find it beneficial to consult with an attorney early on for assistance in forming a strong defense.

Authorities assert that the investigation began when they received reports that the woman and another individual had used stolen credit cards to make multiple purchases at a variety of stores. While investigating these alleged transactions, investigators claim they also discovered the two had stolen bank account information from as many as eight account holders. After allegedly locating video surveillance of the two making purchases with the stolen information, authorities obtained a warrant for their arrest.

One of the women reportedly pleaded guilty to three counts of misappropriation of an ID, and the other charges against her have been dismissed. The other is facing multiple felony identity theft charges, along with charges for fraudulent use of a credit card. According to reports, she has several previous offenses on record, and a conviction for similar charges could have life-altering consequences.

Individuals who stand accused of white collar crimes such as identity theft may face a variety of difficult decisions, each of which could have an impact on their future. Since the criminal justice system can be complex, a person in Wisconsin may find it beneficial to speak with a defense attorney for guidance. An attorney can inform a client of what to expect throughout the process and assist in pursuing the best outcome possible during subsequent court proceedings.

Source:, “Women allegedly go on shopping spree with stolen account information“, April 12, 2018

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