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White collar crimes: 1 facing felony embezzlement charges

Being the subject of an investigation can be an intimidating experience. Those accused of white collar crimes such as embezzlement may wish to protect themselves by challenging the charges, but they might be uncertain where to turn for guidance. A former teacher in Wisconsin has recently been accused of embezzlement after allegedly using funds from two separate business-related accounts for personal purchases.

According to members of a parent teacher organization in the area, the woman was in charge of financial accounts for the group. They also assert that she was reluctant to give others access to accounts, despite concerns about funds that appeared to be missing. However, they claim to have gained access while she was on vacation, and allegedly unearthed numerous discrepancies. Law enforcement authorities were contacted to initiate an investigation into the matter.

According to reports, the woman was also in charge of financial accounts for her daughter’s girl scouts group, and officials within this organization also reported signs of unauthorized transactions. Upon being questioned by authorities, the woman allegedly admitted to using funds for personal purchases. She is currently facing three charges for theft in a business setting, two of which are reportedly listed as felonies.

Those who face accusations of white collar crimes such as embezzlement might find it beneficial to seek guidance before responding to allegations in any way. By speaking with a defense attorney, a person could obtain advice on the potential consequences he or she may face, as well as advice on making informed decisions throughout the process. An attorney can thoroughly evaluate the situation and assist a client in Wisconsin in pursuing the best outcome possible during court proceedings.

Source:, “Hortonville teacher accused of embezzling from PTO, Girl Scout troops,” Alison Dirr, Nov. 28, 2017

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