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1 accused of felony drug crimes after alleged undercover buy

Being the subject of an arrest warrant can be a scary and intimidating experience. Attempting to hide from law enforcement agents may only further suspicion of wrong-doing, and could even lead to additional charges. Two individuals have recently been arrested under similar circumstances in Wisconsin, one of which stands accused of felony drug crimes.

Authorities claim to have initiated a search for a man following a recent undercover drug purchase involving heroin. Upon arriving at his residence, they were told that he had gone to another location. After some time, they received reports that he had been spotted returning to his home, but several knocks on the door were met with no response. Another resident of the home returned nearly an hour later and allegedly gave police consent to enter the premises.

Upon entering the man’s room, police assert that they found a woman hiding in the closet. The man was found soon thereafter hiding in the attic, and although they say he was unwilling to comply at first, he eventually stepped out of his own accord. He is currently facing felony charges in relation to the alleged delivery of heroin, and the woman was accused of aiding a felon.

Felony drug crimes carry severe penalties if a conviction is obtained. Individuals who face similar charges may find it beneficial to speak with an experienced attorney at the earliest opportunity for guidance and ongoing support. An attorney can help a client in Wisconsin gain a better understanding of the charges against him or her and assist in forming a strong defense intended on pursuing the best outcome possible during court proceedings.

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