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White collar crimes: Wisconsin man facing felony theft charges

Facing allegations of theft can be a stressful and intimidating process, perhaps especially when associated with business prospects. When a person is accused of stealing from investors, the amounts in question could be substantial, which in turn increases the severity of the situation. A 46-year-old man in Wisconsin has been accused of white collar crimes in relation to the alleged theft of $135,000 from an investor.

Authorities claim to have received reports of the theft from one of the man’s business partners. The partner allegedly gave the man a substantial amount of money for a small stake in a cabin business venture. According to the partner, the man came forward with plans to buy a small amount of land and build two cabins, which would both be made available to rent.

The partner claims that the man did buy the land, but transferred the deeds into a separate business venture which he had allegedly undertaken with a different party. After failing to obtain a refund for the amount invested, the partner filed a complaint with authorities, who subsequent initiated an investigation into the matter. The man is currently facing two counts of felony business theft, and would face severe penalties that could have a substantial impact on his life should a conviction be obtained.

Those accused of white collar crimes such as theft may wish to protect themselves against potentially devastating consequences, but the process can be complex. When facing a similar situation, one may find it beneficial to speak with an experienced attorney for guidance. An attorney in Wisconsin can thoroughly examine the situation and assist a client in pursuing the best possible outcome during legal proceedings.

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