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Unpaid parking ticket leads to allegations of drug crimes

Many individuals have faced allegations of criminal activity following the search of a vehicle during a routine traffic stop. Should authorities become suspicious of the presence of illegal drugs within the vehicle, an open air search via a K-9 unit may follow. Two individuals have recently been arrested and accused of drug crimes under similar circumstances after allegedly operating a vehicle with a suspended registration in Wisconsin.

The traffic stop was initiated late on a recent Friday night after authorities claim they come upon a vehicle with a suspended registration due to an unpaid parking ticket. Upon approaching the vehicle, they assert that neither the driver nor passenger had any form of identification on them at the time, and the vehicle was reportedly uninsured. A K-9 unit then proceeded to perform a search of the vehicle, which allegedly uncovered the presence of narcotics.

Authorities claim to have found residue that is allegedly used in the cooking and injection of heroin and around 12 grams of marijuana during the search, along with firearms and ammunition. Both individuals were taken into custody shortly thereafter, and each is facing numerous charges in relation to the incident. The penalties for similar charges are severe and can have a substantial impact on a person’s life if a conviction is obtained.

Facing allegations for drug crimes can be a stressful and intimidating process. Those who face similar charges may find it beneficial to speak with an experienced attorney early in the process for assistance in forming a strong defense. By speaking with an attorney, a client in Wisconsin may be able to obtain some much-needed guidance on the best course of action to take during court proceedings.

Source:, “Two charged after guns, drugs found“, Sept. 18, 2017

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