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Overdose leads to accusations of drug crimes for 3 in Wisconsin

Emergency responders are called out to homes to address medical issues on a daily basis. These responders may come prepared to treat a variety of conditions, and should the situation require medication for an overdose, authorities may have become suspicious of drug-related activity within the residence. A recent medical emergency in Wisconsin has led to the arrest of three individuals who currently stand accused of drug crimes.

A call was placed to responders in relation to a medical emergency at the residence. Upon arrival, they claim the man was incoherent, and allegedly had numerous needle marks on his arm. He was treated with medication for an overdoes and taken to the hospital for treatment, and authorities proceeded to obtain a search warrant for the residence in question.

During a search of the home, authorities allegedly uncovered numerous drug-related items within. Three individuals were taken into custody, each of which is facing various drug charges, including possession with intent to deliver heroin and maintaining a drug dwelling. Police also assert that a child was found within the home, which led to additional charges involving child endangerment and neglect.

Individuals who are accused of drug crimes of this nature retain the right to seek counsel from an attorney before responding to allegations, and doing so may be advisable. A defense attorney can evaluate the procedures used during the search and assess whether a client’s rights were violated in the process. If so, appropriate applications to exclude certain evidence and/or dismiss the charges may be made in court. An attorney can also provide a client in Wisconsin with guidance on making informed decisions and assist him or her in navigating subsequent legal proceedings.

Source:, “Three arrested in drug overdose“, Sept. 8, 2017

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