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1 accused of felony drug crimes after alleged police pursuit

A 27-year-old man is facing multiple criminal charges in relation to his alleged involvement in a recent police chase in Wisconsin. The penalties for a conviction for drug crimes are serious enough on their own, and any additional offenses may only add to the severity of the situation. The man could currently be preparing for legal proceedings by focusing on forming a strong defense with the guidance of an attorney.

Authorities assert the incident began at the site of a recent investigation, when an officer claimed to have spotted a vehicle speeding through a nearby alley and initiated pursuit. During this period, authorities claim that the vehicle reached speeds of up to 108 mph, before the driver suddenly slammed on the brakes to avoid another vehicle. After losing control of his car, he collided with another vehicle before bringing his own to a rest and exiting it.

Upon approaching the vehicle and arresting the man, police claim to have spotted several syringes in the car. He is facing felony drug charges in relation to the incident, including possession of cocaine as a repeat offender. Charges of this nature carry severe penalties, and if convicted, the man could be facing up to 20 years in prison.

Individuals accused of drug crimes may find the subsequent process to be stressful and intimidating. When facing a similar situation, a person might find it advisable to seek advice from a defense attorney in the initial stages of the process. An attorney in Wisconsin can evaluate the charges and evidence against a client and provide advice on the potential consequences he or she may face. If a conviction cannot be avoided, an attorney can assist in pursuing the most favorable outcome achievable given the situation.

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