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School employee investigated for sex crimes

Few criminal charges can affect a person’s life as completely as allegations of inappropriate behavior with a child. Someone who is suspected of sex crimes against a minor is likely to face serious consequences even before a trial or conviction. One man in Wisconsin has not been formally charged with any sex crime, but the fact that he is under investigation has already earned him negative press and placed his future in jeopardy.

The man worked as a teacher’s aide at a therapeutic day school that serves Wisconsin children with developmental and educational challenges. Police were called to the parking lot of that school after witnesses reported that the man had exposed himself to a teenage student who had mental health problems. Police responded and subsequently searched the man’s car. During the search, officers allegedly discovered four bags of methamphetamine.

Police charged the man with drug offenses, and he is currently being held in a local jail while law enforcement continues its investigation. While no charges have been filed in connection with the original complaint, the man may face counts of exposing himself to a child as well as lewd and lascivious behavior. In fact, local police are working in cooperation with the Department of Homeland Security and the Wisconsin Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force.

Even before charges are filed, anyone who is under investigation for sex crimes against children is in danger of having his or her rights violated. Investigators may easily overstep their legal boundaries in their enthusiasm to fight these heinous crimes. An experienced attorney can effectively advocate for the rights of a person suspected of such crimes.

Source:, “Teacher’s aide charged with drug offenses“, Austin Montgomery, March 20, 2017

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