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College student suspended for alleged sex crimes in Wisconsin

Felony accusations can create many hardships for a person, even if they are unsubstantiated. Simply being accused of sex crimes can have a negative impact on various areas of life, such as employment and reputation. A conviction on sex crimes charges is severe, prompting many individuals to seek legal counsel for assistance in challenging them. This may be the case for a Wisconsin college student who has been suspended while facing accusations of multiple sex crimes.

As many as 10 different women have brought accusations against the man, dating back to March 2015. Charges include alleged strangulation and stalking, along with sexual assault. He has stated that he is innocent of some of the actions and that others were consensual acts. After pleading not guilty, he has been released on bond but remains suspended from school.

A conviction of this nature is often detrimental to a person’s future, with half of the charges in this particular case being felonies. These often include a prison sentence and require a person to register as a sex offender for the remainder of his or her life. With some accusations related to sex crimes often being exaggerated or untrue, many people seek to protect their future, but they may require assistance in the process.

When being accused of sex crimes, it is imperative to seek assistance in the early stages. Since the process can be complex, individuals in Wisconsin who are facing a similar situation often speak with an experienced defense attorney. A strong defense strategy can help combat the charges, which may get them reduced and, in some cases, dropped entirely.

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