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Wisconsin authorities investigate suspected drug crimes

A home in Wisconsin was raided by authorities working with a drug trafficking investigation agency. Numerous task force agents entered and searched the premises on suspicion that drug crimes were occurring in the home. A lieutenant told reporters that the raid went down on a recent Wednesday in Milwaukee.

One person has been arrested following the drug raid. Investigators claim to have found a makeshift laboratory inside the home that was searched. They say they have reason to believe the man was manufacturing a drug related to methamphetamine in the lab.

The nature of the drugs that officers suspected were being cooked in the house prompted those going inside to don hazardous materials suits. They say the substance they removed from the house is extremely toxic and highly flammable. No residents in the surrounding neighborhood were evacuated during the task force operation, however.

Police suspect the alleged drug crimes were being supplemented by illegal shipments of substances through the postal system. They say the person arrested was receiving shipments, then using the supplies to cook and distribute the drugs he made. The criminal justice system protects people accused of such crimes by allowing them to fight against any and all existing charges. Many people charged with such crimes in the past in Wisconsin have been able to protect their rights and avoid conviction by retaining assistance from criminal defense attorneys who have prepared and presented various defense strategies on their behalves in court. A successful outcome often hinges upon skilled and aggressive defense.


Source:, “Investigators raid home where they say illegal drugs were being made“, Myra Sanchick, Dec. 21, 2016

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